Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cookbooks and Norwex

There are three families that are especially special to me. Duncan's family of course. They still need prayers, for funds and a quick, smooth trip and transition into life with one more son.
Another family: The Quinn Family. They are adopting Autumn, who has down syndrome, and she is such a cute girl! Right now, they still need fundraising, and there are several ways you can help! There is the Traveling T-Shirt fundraiser. I've got the shirt now, and it has been all over the country! If you donate at least $10 here, it will be sent to you so that you can write your name on it, and be a part of their adventure! As of now, me and Mommy are the last stop. I would love to get an email from Ashley that says "Don't send it back to us yet! There are a few more stops!" 
Another fundraiser for them is one I'm doing: a cookbook called The Extra Ingredient. It is a cookbook with awesome recipes (even Nonie's banana pudding, and Mamaw's eclair,) and even information about international special needs adoption. This is still in the makings, so there are a few (okay, a lot) details to be worked out, but if you are interested in buying one, leave a comment here! ALL of the money raised will go to help bring Autumn home! 
The other family is the Rogers family, who are bringing home Mason and Bernadette. They will be leaving soon to go pick them up, and still need funds. The awesome part about this family? They just got home with Clare and Malachi, who were adopted also! Erika sells an awesome product called Norwex. It is a natural way of cleaning. No chemicals! Mommy had a Norwex party, and I went thinking "Well, no way this stuff is gonna work better than bleach." Well, guys, I was wrong. I have been scrubbing scrubbing SCRUBBING my shower and kitchen sink with bleach and scrubbing bubbles and cant get the nasty stuff out of there! (PS nasty stuff in kitchen sink=paint drops. Shhhh! Don't tell Papa!) But guess what. What those harsh chemicals couldn't do, NORWEX COULD!!! Just a little blue sponge, like a Magic Eraser, with no harsh chemicals, cleaned paint droplets out of my kitchen sink, and off the floor in my bathroom. You can find more info about Norwex, and all it can do here (my mom's blog,) or here (Erika's blog.)
These are three amazing families, doing their best to bring home their children, brothers, and sisters. They all will appreciate any prayers you can send their way. 
Well, I was going to spell check this, but since I can't find the button, y'all will just have to deal with my atrocious grammar and spelling :)

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