Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ella and Allie Clark, and Keegan!

The Clark family has been waiting and waiting and waiting. They have even met Ella and Allie! Can you imagine how impatient they must be getting? They are $3000 from being fully funded and they have a plan together for $1300. That leaves $1700 that they still need before they leave to pick up their girls!
Have y'all heard about the Finishers? Long story short, they have helped several adoptive families, including the  Reeds, Coles, and the Rhodes, who are very special to us. 
Anyway, the Finishers have an $800 matching grant available for the Clark family. This will bring them SO close, if not completely fully funded. Anybody feel like helping out? If you do, you can do it here. But hurry! The matching grant ends TOMORROW night at 11pm! If you can't donate, please pray for a good outcome!
On another note, Keegan has a family! He stole my heart when I saw him, maybe because he is so young. He could even be mine. His birth parents may even be around my age. Please pray for his family, that they will have a smooth process, and for him a smooth transition into the family!

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  1. I am keegans dad...we have some awesome me for more you for caring about my son...we leave soon to bring him home and have a matching grant...we would love for you to share on your blog...praying you are blessed