Thursday, May 3, 2012

Go Count The Waste.

Tonight at work, I counted the waste and looked at all the leftover food we had to throw away. What would y'all think when you saw 20 chicken tenders, 10 pieces of bacon, and 3 spicy chickens? "Don't throw that away! Starving kids in India would love to have that!" It's just what some people say when you waste perfectly good food. But tonight I realized that its not just something you say. Its real. There are starving kids everywhere, who would seriously love to have the stuff we throw away. How come we can buy a drink from a machine, and ice cream at the store, and name brand bread instead of Walmart brand, but we can't help to save some of these orphans? Be happy to have the choice of water and ice cream and bread at all!Yes, some orphans are well-cared for. The boy's orphanage is pretty nice, from what we know. But they're not all so lucky. Some of them are starved, or only given enough nutrients to keep them alive, but not to grow like they need to. Some are forced to lie in their beds, with wet diapers and vomit. Is this how you would let your child live? Here is the story of an orphanage in Pleven, Bulgaria. I can not imagine how these kids feel. They must be so scared. Help feed these orphans! This is so sad. Why not take the $1.50 for that drink, the $4.00 for the ice cream, and put it towards an adoption fund? For a month, or even a week. Whether it be for the Picketts, the Rogers, the Quinns, or maybe, just maybe, your own child's adoption? These are just a few of the families who are so special to us. Anything makes a difference. Whether it be $5, $10, $100, or a note letting them know that you're praying for them, it all makes a huge difference.
 Matthew 25:37
“Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink?
God is in everything we do. We may not see Him, but He may be that starving, thirsty orphan. Let Him lead you. Let Him show you what He wants you to do. Don't fight it. "IF I had the money, IF I had the time, IF I had somebody to watch my kid." IF, IF, IF, I, I, I. You can't just do it when it's convenient for you. Because it's not about you! It's about helping to make a difference. He will provide the money, the time, the babysitter. Don't waste time waiting for it to make sense. Take a step in faith and let God hold your hand. He won't let you fall.

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