Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Today is Sam's birthday. His 16th birthday in an orphanage. Does he have a cake? Will his friends sing Happy Birthday? Will he get to open presents? Will he get to blow out candles and make a wish? If he does, he will probably be wishing for a family. He doesn't know that his wish will be coming true within a few weeks! What a birthday present that will be! He doesn't know how many people are thinking "Happy Birthday, Sam!" today.
Think about your 16th birthday. It was happy, right? You were probably showered with presents, money, kisses, hugs. But in an orphanage, it is a scary birthday. If not adopted (or at least filed with USCIS) by 16, they are turned out to the street, or put in a mental institution. At 16. Just a kid. Fending for themselves.
Sam is one of the lucky ones. Many of the older ones, especially the boys, are picked last if they are picked at all. Let's help make this year the last year of lonely birthdays for these orphans. Maybe you're not in a position to adopt, but you can still help. You could pray. You could give a few dollars to an orphans grant. Everything helps. Anything helps.

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